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Agripaules is an Educational Farm and Petting Zoo acknowledged by Sardinia’s Regional Register. We offer learning programmes to schools in order to familiarize small children, adolescents (and – why not? – adults as well!) with the countryside so rich in colour, fragrance and flavour as we help them establish a genuine and dynamic relationship with the area.

We have been organising SUMMER CAMPS since 2012 for children between the ages of 8 and 13. It’s a unique experience for them: living on a farm, participating in the chores, working in the garden and taking care of the animals.

fattoria didattica sardegna nutrizione
Fattoria didattica Sardegna piantare
Fattoria didattica Sardegna mungitura

Much in the same way ‘Zero kilometre’ farming helps establish a direct relationship between local producers and consumers, ‘Zero kilometre’ education brings children in direct contact with the natural and farming environment of their homeland. Our ambition involves creating a direct relationship with schools and to make it possible for farmers and teachers to work together on a common goal: educating small children and adolescents through a variety of experiences that take them out of the classrooms and place them in the great outdoors of the land surrounding them.

The Educational Farm could be a cultural workshop and a highly valuable source of learning for students of all ages that promotes all kinds of skills: sensory-body, operative, logical, linguistic, historical, graphic and expressive…

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The Agripaules Educational Farm offers several learning programmes to schools in order to familiarize small children and adolescents with the countryside so rich in colour, fragrance and flavour.

Nursery school and Elementary school

"Pastoreddos e ortulanos"

The profession of animal breeder, taking care of animals, the products derived from the breeding farm and working in the vegetable garden: children are divided into groups where they will be in close contact with the farm animals, learning about their traits and feeding habits while getting their hands dirty working the ground – hoeing the soil and planting seeds. This is the suggested learning experience for one day on our farm since it allows children to get a basic idea of what farm life is all about and spend some time in close contact with the countryside.

From milk to cheese: from milking to the transformation of fresh milk into cheese. Children are involved in milk processing and are given a small cheese-sieve so they can take the cheese they make home with them .

Archeo-clay:the farm is located in a unique archaeological context, surrounded by the remains of famous Nuragic settlements (the Serra Orrios village and the Thomes Tomb of the Giants) as well as the lesser-known monuments. The workshop we are offering involves working clay into pieces related to the theme of the Nuragic civilization; children can mould utensils used in the past, a miniature Nuraghe building or anything else their imagination inspires them to create and then take their treasures home with them.

"Trizzas e jocos de casu"

Cow cheese can be processed and transformed into…little animals! There is a tradition in Dorgali during the holidays: children receive little animals made out of stretched cheese: little horses and doves where excellent toys to play with before being eaten.

During this workshop the little ones observe a shepherd going through the process and then it’s their turn to try their hand at creating little animals out of salt dough or corn dough.

Fattoria didattica lavorazione formaggio sardegna

Typical Day

9.30: arrival at the farm and welcoming the classes;
   short presentation of the farm and farm work.
10.00: the course or laboratory agreed upon with teachers begins
11.00: snack time;
13.00: lunch
14:30: playtime outdoors with activities related to the morning workshops;
   rides on the donkeys, excellent playmates for the children.
16:00: he day is over. Good-bye.

Middle school

Fattoria didattica sardegna percorsi adulti

The learning programme we offer to middle schools involves farm work, respect for the environment and the importance of healthy nutritional habits.
There are several programmes and workshops to choose from:

  • Guided cheese sample sessions
  • Mini traditional cooking courses
  • Farm work and practical activities
  • Walks and donkey rides to discover the area

We can put together other learning programmes with teachers that are related to the students’ school programmes in which there is an alternation between lessons at school and lessons on the farm.

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